State of the Raid Feb 14


– zard for calling out the mines on imperator
– stashiv turret damage (maidens)
-emuburger, lastwin, killstheweak damage on belllows operators (blast furnace)
– healers, seriously we put you guys through so much shit sometimes. dps please give them a hug when you see them. Tanks, a respectful nod will do.

Overall raid

– Consistency seems to be an issue when doing old content, we had quite a bit of trouble in highmaul heroic for the last couple weeks. Im going to make sure to explain encounters in more detail even if they are “farm” content.
– We’re approaching the point where gear progress is going to become very minor, our ability to complete content is going to primarily depend on leadership, execution and general skill. Therefore, if you feel you can get some pointers please ask the management and they will point you in the right direction.


– still need to work on the external coordination, might as well use the resources we have.
– we were not consistent with crystalized blood hitting the tank on maidens, this requires proper coordination from both the dps (melee specifically) and the tank (the monk in this case)


– things seemed to be looking pretty good here on gruul, we’ll see how it plays out for the other bosses.


– I will continue to organize highmaul runs for the people who can benefit from the highmaul gear, even more important now as gear will slow down in heroic blackrock.
– things were a bit dicey on gruul, but ill reserve my glorious judgment until we see the other bosses.