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State of the Raid March 15

State of the Raid March 15


  • The current loot mechanics appear to be working fairly well. Based on how many people express interest in each item drop, it is quite likely that our old random roll system was often  giving out  minor upgrades when some could have had major upgrades.
  • If you have any comments about the tuning of the system (the weights) please bring it up
  • I have documented the list of regular raiders here:
  • You can find the loot system rules and tuning here:


  • With holyaggro potentially out of action and Arsenal not being a regular raider, I would like to recruit an additional healer so that we dont get in a rough spot being short one. A Holy Paladin or Holy Priest would be ideal.
  • We could really use a Deathknight (unholy) and a balance druid.

This Weeks Raid

  • This week was a nice improvement over the last 2 weeks, both in terms of attittude and results.
  • People following instructions seemed better as well as the raw numbers.
  • Given the 5 item level increase incoming to all BRF gear I am hopeful we can repeat this next week.

What Went Well

  • The vast majority of people were using their cooldowns correctly during flamebinder and our technique to tank the wolves and cleave seemed to help in general.  we were spiking nearly a 80% increase in DPS during those key moments, which is huge. you can see it reflected by the DPS spikes here:
  • The spike on Hans/Franz to skip as much presses time as possible seems to be valuable. given how deadly the presses were to us (you can see more below) anything we can do to get through this period is a good thing
  • Healers did a great job on kromog overall, ive never actually seen that boss reach enrage so for us to be able to manage the entire 9 minutes is great. On top of that tank deaths were minimal, we were mainly getting deaths from people not dodging reverbs. We are right on the cusp of a kill and its going to come down to individual execution and some slight optimization now (more on that below
  • Rippling smash we avoided fairly well overall, thankyou Xmunk for the strategy to spread out

What We Can Improve

Individual Shoutouts

  • Lastin, the only person to not be hit by stamping presses (hans)
  • Magdalenna, elements, xmunk for not being pinned down by spears. (beastlord)
  • Zimonk, stashiv, ohhjeezus, emuburger, lastin, aktanque, xmunk for avoiding rolling (oregorger)
  • Ohhjeezus, zard, malus for damage on cinder wolves (flamebinder)
  • Xmunk for the low reverb hits. (kromog)

Loot System Rules and Process

Loot System Rules and Process
– We will now be using a loot council system to distribute loot within our raids.
– The rules for this loot council are designed to get the largest overall raid benefit for each piece of loot
– We want to minimize the impact of arbitration, therefore this post will outline the general rules used for selecting who gets items
– All raiders are required to contribute to this process by posting the correct information when they desire an item.

How to Request an Item (All Players Read)
– When an item drops and is linked in raid, post the following information in raid chat if you are interested in the item. mainspec only.
“current item level in that slot, socket if applicable, stat type upgrade/downgrade, set bonus status

Current item level in that slot: for your CURRENT item have, what is its item level
Socket if applicable: If your CURRENT item has a socket, state that it does. if there is no socket do not state anything
Stat Type Upgrade/Downgrade: If the NEW item (as in what you are requesting) has better or worse secondary stat types than your current item then mention that, otherwise assumed neutral. if neutral say nothing
Set Bonus: If getting the NEW item will progress you towards a WORTHWHILE set bonus. If the new item will activate a WORTHWHILE set bonus.

Example 1
Player A is a paladin with 655 plate boots with haste and mastery on them
A pair of 680 boots with haste and mastery drops
Player A wants this item and should message the following:
Example 2
Player A is a paladin with 655 plate boots with crit and versatility on them and a socket
A pair of 680 boots with haste and mastery drops, haste and mastery is better
Player A wants this item and should message the following:
“655, socket, upgrade”

Loot Distribution Priority
– Loot will be distributed based on the following priority order:
Attendance > Item Value > Arbitration
– This means that being a regular raider trumps everything (more detail on that below), for ties (which will be common) item value will determine who gets the item. in the rare case that item value is equal we will settle with arbitration (probably a roll)

– Attendance will be a simply binary rather than a granular scale. Players have 1 of 2 states, either they are a “regular raider” or they are not.
– Attendance is intended to simply represent players who will regularily be at our raids, we understand there will be occasional missed days and do not wish to complicate the system by tracking in detail.
– To achieve a regular raider status, players must maintain perfect attendence on tuesday and wednesday for 3 weeks.
– players who exhibt imperfect attendence for 3 weeks in a row will lose regular raider status
* If you have a major vacation or other special circumstances coming up see the raid leader.

Current “Regular Raiders

Item Value
– Item value refers to how valuable the item will be for each individual person.
– What this  means is that the item will be rewarded to the player who has the weakest effective item level in the slot (for whom the item will be the largest upgrade)
– Effective item level is the weighted item level of the players old item vs new item, basically taking into account the item level, sockets, stat type changes and set bonuses to determine who actually gets the biggest benefit.
– For getting an item, a lower effective item level is better, as that means the upgrade would be larger.
– To determine the effective item level we do the following:
EIL = Item level + socket modifier + stat type modifier + set bonus modifier
Item Level: the item level on the item currently in that slot
Socket Modifier: if your current item has a socket this will add +6
Stat type modifier: If the new item is an upgrade in stat types this will -3 , if the item is a downgrade this wil +3
Set bonus modifier: if the new item would activate a set bonus this will -24, if the new item will deactivate a set bonus this will +24.   If the item would progress towards activating a set bonus, but not actually activate one (eg 1/4 or 3/4 pieces) then +/- 12